Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chris Brown's leaked tweets suggesting his Gay

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Yesterday, direct messages on Twitter between Chris Brown and an unsigned artist named Martyn leaked onto the web,but it is now nowhere to be seen since it was already deleted. the tweets indicates that Chris might be having sex with dudes. And he might be the bottom.

Chris Brown, Gay?
Chris Brown

Chris Brown’s recent Twitter messages are shocking as they suggest that he had a gay affair with a little known musician named Martyn. The messages are published on the website Ology and leave little to the imagination about an alleged gay encounter that Chris Brown recently experienced. As with anything else published online, you tread lightly as far as believing everything as fact, but today Gather is talking about another gay affair that Chris Brown is rumored to have participated in. The Twitter messages that go back and forth between Brown and a man named Martyn, are no longer on Twitter. They clearly talked about an encounter that was sexual in nature and Martyn accuses Brown of hiding his sexuality. Martyn says he is bi, not gay. The 15 to 20 tweets sound as if the two were parting ways after they had a brief fling.

Here are some tweets from 800 that was sent:

- @GoodBoyGoneBadd the DMs were truly sent back and forth. But that’s my business. Thanks for tuning in.
- @IzzyZolanskii @chrisbrown @treysongz I’ll confirm it. It’s all over the web. And twitter.
- @FireBombFenty @chrisbrown they are real just that someone decided to add a lil extra comment through Photoshop..why? Guess 2 b juicier
- @_KirstenBlease ofcourse Chris wouldn’t fck me…read next time…I FCKD him and the DMs are out…haven’t u read?
- @straythenomad sure man am ready for interviews and will be revealing a lot. @chrisbrown maybe u should speak up now n say something.
- @XoxoFxckYou well maybe if he had the guts to say something I would stop..@chrisbrown like I said u can talk any moment now b4 it all spills
- @intangiblelove don’t be confused I’ll speak my mind n say it all on interviews soon 2 com..@chrisbrown it’s out so just cal me b4 it spills
- @BeckyDoran_ they look pretty real to me…tho sum1 if not a mag tried switching something up to make it bigger.
- @_Ryanchris can’t say/give info till I finish interviews stay tuned. Am da 1stChris brown alleged lover to come forward with a face damn

There’s a chance that these could be possibly fake or real? Chris was a woman beater, I hope that he’s straight!

What do you think!

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