Sunday, November 27, 2011

KC Concepcion The Buzz Interview About Piolo Pascual [VIDEO]

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KC Conception - The Buzz Interview
KC Concepcion Cries During her Interview on The Buzz about her Relationship status with Piolo Pascual
KC Concepcion was very emotional during her Interview on The Buzz about her Relationship status with Piolo Pascual. If you missed the most shocking and explosive tell-all interview of KC Concepcion on "The Buzz" this afternoon, November 27, 2011, about the status of her relationship with Piolo Pascual, and the reasons why did it happened, watch the video below courtesy of ABS-CBN and The Buzz:

Watch KC Concepcion The Buzz Interview About Relationship Status with Piolo Pascual video below:

Video Courtesy of ABS-CBN and THE BUZZ

3 Responses to “KC Concepcion The Buzz Interview About Piolo Pascual [VIDEO]”

Renee said...
November 27, 2011 at 10:02 AM

Kc I just want you to know that is not a surprise for me. I get the hint long long time ago about what kind of relationship you have. KC, it's good to know now and experience everything, so there won't be "what if" later in life. Everything you said....I read it with both your body language, interviews (between the lines). I change my heart about the loveteam even before Piolo confessed your relationship. I knew then he is not a good boyfriend. Exactly what you said, he is just a charmer (kilig)....he knows how to please a woman how to feel good when someone is WATCHING. That is why he's fans make so much fantasies about him, he knows how to work it out to his female fans. I beleived him once, but not for long. 7 chances is tooooo much, but like what you said when he will charm you, everything is forgotten. Thank God you are awaken before this relationship totally breaks you. I have posted so many times of my personal opinion before and now I was proven right-my hints are perfect. The reason he told you that other people does not like you, is because you will not think you are perfect for him. VERY ODD for a man in love to tell that to the woman he is trying to pursue, a man in love does not see any negative side of the person, like you as a woman in love. And you should have picked that up already that he doesnt care for you deeply. You are a willing victim....a woman in love but at least you will try to love and respect yourself again, don`t settle for have a the best example that a charmer is not the best someone who will give you real happiness.

Mag Dungo said...
November 27, 2011 at 8:43 PM

Plain and simple, Piolo is GAY. His boyfriend is Sam Milby. KC caught them in the shower together. Maybe blowing each other. That's why she is saying "I'm not the one he needs in life" because he does not need women, he needs men.

olliah brave said...
November 29, 2011 at 4:49 AM

KC naman kasi is soooo blind.., all the people knew already that Piolo is a certified BADING so long ago pa, dami na nagsasabi and yet she still believe in him..kaawa lang siya pero it's a good thing nagising na si KC or nabuking nya na..

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