Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sen. Miriam Santiago elected as International Criminal Court Judge

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Sen. Miriam Santiago became the first female from a developing Asian country to win a seat as a judge in the International Criminal Court (ICC) the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said. This marks the first time a female judge from a developing Asian country has been elected to the ICC.

Sen. Miriam Santiago elected as ICC Judge
Sen. Miriam Santiago wins ICC seat
Santiago won as judge in the ICC elections during the 10th session of the Assembly of States Parties in New York on Monday (US time).
“It’s really an achievement of our people there in the UN. It’s really our Department of Foreign Affairs that needs to be congratulated,” she said.
She topped the first round with 79 out of 104 votes, making her the first to be elected out of 18 candidates vying for 6 seats in the ICC Judicial Division. She is set to take her oath as an ICC judge in March 2012, a post that has a 9-year term. She will eventually have to resign from the Senate to fulfill her new role.
“I'd have to resign. But I don't have to resign immediately. People think that once I am elected I have to take the first plane out to The Hague and sit in a court. No. I will take my oath of office in March together with 6 other new judges. They are still in the process of being voted upon. The Philippines was number 1 in the first round of voting. That is something for the Philippines,” she said.
“I will remain as senator until the ICC calls me to report for duty. I still want to play an active role in the impeachment case [of SC CJ Renato Corona],” Santiago tweeted.

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