Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rhian Ramos official statement over Mo Twister YouTube video

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Rhian Ramos finally breaks her silence and released its official statement regarding the controversial YouTube video where Mo Twister revealed that she allegedly had committed abortion in Singapore last year (2010).

Rhian Ramos Official Statement
Rhian Ramos
“I think more than what the people have seen, I have been hurt over a longer period of time, unnecessarily, and I think, undeserved. I just hope to be able to put an end to that today so that hopefully I can move on.” Rhian’s statement said.
Rhian also tweeted “to answer all the questions, i’m sorry that i have not been able to speak on the topic you’d like me to speak on. i have been advised not to make any comments on those stories but today i’ve just received the go signal to air my side. thank you to the supporters and to the thinkers. thank you to those who have waited for my side in this and have noticed the errors in the events and statement that have preceded.”

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