Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rhian Ramos Interview with Pia Guanio on 24 Oras [VIDEO]

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Rhian Ramos finally breaks her silence as she graced 24 Oras for a one-on-one sit down Interview with Pia Guanio last Wednesday night (December 7, 2011). This time, the young actress answered Pia Guanio’s questions about her relationship with Mo Twister, how that turned into an ‘unhealthy relationship’, and the controversial video that was leaked online last week about her alleged abortion in Singapore.

Rhian Ramos Interview on 24 Oras

Rhian reveals her past with Mo Twister - a good and sweet relationship gone wrong with a man she thought would take care of her. She also expressed her disappointment over her decision to disobey her parents advice not to push through in a relationship with a man whose reputation was tarnished by his past failed relationships.
“He gave me a lot of attention… I was very flattered. He would often say on his radio show that I’m his crush so I was really flattered. And I liked him.” But right from the start, according to Rhian, many close to her were against the relationship. This includes her mother who warned her of Mo Twister’s reputation.

“Hindi ako nakinig eh because… I just really liked him and.. I guess I was being blind. I dunno… you learn your lesson after naman eh.”
According to Rhian Ramos, Mo Twister changed during the latter part of their relationship. “Later on when we became boyfriend-girlfriend, he changed. And… I came to know him in a completely different way…. He was a different person.”

She reportedly tried to end the relationship because it already became ‘unhealthy.’ But every time she would bring up the subject, Mo Twister would get mad and ‘threaten’ her.

With what's going on with her right now, Rhian revealed her decision to temporarily leave showbiz to find a much needed time heal with her family.

Watch Rhian Ramos Interview on 24 Oras full video below:

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Video Credit: GMA News

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