Sunday, November 13, 2011

Watch Katy Perry's - 'The One that Got Away' Music Video

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Katy Perry is making an attempt to make music history by releasing the music video for her 6th single off her very successful Teenage Dream album and hoping that it will also top the Billboard chart like the previous 5 singles.

The One that Got Away
Katy Perry - The One that Got Away
If ever the single “The One that Got Away” top the Billboard Hot 100, Katy Perry will become the only artist in history to have 6 no. 1 singles from one album, surpassing Michael Jackson’s record of 5.

The One that Got Away Sypnosis:
The video was released on November 11, 2011. It begins with an old Katy Perry at a modernistic home with what is presumably her husband. She makes herself a cup of coffee and thinks about the past when the song begins. As she sits on her bed it cuts back to a younger Perry with her boyfriend, an artist (played by Diego Luna). They paint portraits of each other, dress up and take photos of each other, and dance at a party. He gives her a tattoo with hot ink. These are inter-cut with shots of the older Perry looking sad on a bed at night, having trouble going to sleep. In the flashback, the younger Perry and her boyfriend are seen fighting, culminating in her splashing red paint on one of his paintings because of his anger towards her when she couldn’t paint something first. He leaves angrily and drives way. The younger Perry appears to the older Perry in her bedroom: younger Perry sitting next to older Perry, both singing the lyrics. The younger Perry is also shown in the older Perry’s closet crying and singing the lyrics. The painter is seen driving; he opens the mirror up above him and finds Katy’s veil she wore when partying. Unexpected, he tries to avoid running over large rocks in the road, and crashes off a cliff. The older Perry is seen standing at the cliffside where the car crashed, while Johnny Cash’s cover of You Are My Sunshine plays in the background. The ghost of the painter appears and holds hands with older Perry, revealing matching wing tattoos on their hands. However, in the next shot, the song in the background is cut when the ghost is gone, and the older Perry slowly walks away from the cliffside.

Watch "The One that Got Away" music video below:

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