Monday, October 17, 2011

Survivor Philippines Season 4 Castaways, Guess it!

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Danger and intrigue surround Survivor Philippines 4. Amidst life-threatening storms, poisonous creatures and a harsh camp, the current batch of castaways is set to outwit, outplay and outlast each other to be the next Celebrity Survivor.

Survivor Philippines Season 4 Castaway
Survivor Philippines Season 4
There is an ongoing buzz about the revelation of the season’s castaways. Here’s what has been heard about the celebrities who have taken on the challenge of the game of Survivor:
The tandem of hunky tisoy cousins will surely be rooted for by their respective partners — a morning show host and a sexy actress.

The tattooed Fil-Am hottie took a break from his hosting job to try life in the island with a sultry singer who is supposed to lure him back to their now estranged romantic partnership.

A young professional surfer reportedly pleaded to her mother, a former beauty queen-turned-sexy actress, to join Survivor. The mother relented, exchanging her life of urban comfort for 36 days in harsh camp environs.
Now both with families of their own, the two child stars teamed up during their growing years when their supposed young romance was nipped in the bud by other priorities. Will her doll-like features end up charming him once again?

Two of the season’s bombshells — a hot TV host, who found fame after her hilarious version of a pop song went viral, and a sexy dancer, often reported as the third party for the breakup of some showbiz couples — don’t mind showing skin and skills to win the top post.

Not to be outdone, a pair of basketball muses is also set to make things interesting this season — a controversial actress whose former husband was a professional basketball player and a courtside reporter and radio jock known for her liberal views.

The comic duo hopes to lighten the tension with their antics and hilarious punch lines. Will their sense of humor tide them over the challenges and help them reach the end?

The Internet celebrity and men’s magazine cover girl turned sexy actress, took a leave from her successful gag show to be on the island together with her non-showbiz entrepreneur boyfriend.

Opposites attract. This may be true about the former star search graduate, the current apple of the eye of the hunk model known for his fast-food chain commercial?

A pair of hunky jocks once found intrigue when they posed for an underwear campaign. Will they be able to survive the intrigues in the island or will they use their strength to conquer it?

Meet the interesting mix of castaways that will deliver twice the drama, double the intrigue and excitement times two in the much-awaited return of Survivor Philippines on GMA 7.

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