Tuesday, September 27, 2011

‘Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition’ Top 20 finalist revealed!

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ABS-CBN’s kiddie cooking show “Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition” finally revealed the names of the Top 20 contestants. The young contestants, aged 8 to 12 years old, will compete against each other to win the country’s first “Junior MasterChef” title.

Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition

Judy Ann Santos announced the names of the 20 finalists in the episode aired last Sunday.

Below are the names of the Top 20 finalists:

   1. Acee Salangsang
   2. Athena Garcia
   3. Bea Atienza
   4. Bianca Dimapilis
   5. Caitlin Tabulan
   6. Emman Buquid
   7. Gilbert Go
   8. Gino Yang
   9. Iain Johnston
  10. Inday Lee
  11. Jobim Jalbuena
  12. Judel Bautista
  13. Kyle Imao
  14. Louise Mabulo
  15. Mika Tanaka
  16. Miko Manzano
  17. Nadine Oliver
  18. Patrick Baldosano
  19. Philip Amarillo
  20. Tricia Baylosis

Pinoy Junior Master Chef” is the local version of hit reality cooking competition for children “Junior MasterChef,” which first aired in Britain in 2010.

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