Friday, June 10, 2011

Hangover 3 Movie in the works

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Zach Galifianakis is on the cover the recent issue of Rolling Stone magazine where he revealed some of the highlights in the next possible sequel of the highly-successful low-budgeted film “The Hangover”.

That doesn’t mean he’s going to stop making movies. “They want to do a Hangover III,” he says. “I’m getting fricking phone calls already.” According to what he’s heard, the plot ditches the format of the first two and focuses on his character escaping from a mental institution with help from the wolf pack.

Zach Galifianakis

The Hangover movie is one of the best comedy movie ever. The Hangover 3 movie is a posibility to make The Hangover a trilogy, one of the best trilogy comedy movie ever. About The Hangover 3 movie Ed Helms says: "I doubt it. I don't think Todd would let that happen... I would hope that The Hangover kind of has a dignified legacy, if that makes any sense."

There are a lot of rumosrs about The Hangover 3 movie at this time one of them told that "Britney Spears To Star In The Hangover 3?" This rumor apers after an Twitter interview with Britney Spears fans when she revealed that she want to become part
of the third movie "The Hangover". About the release date for The Hangover 3 I say that could be in summer 2014 probably.

We don't know to much about The Hangover 3 movie at this time, but if there will be Hangover 3 for sure Hangover 3 trailer will be here. Let's hope that The Hangover won't disappoint their fans all over the world and we will have third movie.

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